15 Female Gut Busting Monologues

Just For Laughs Phone Calls Next In Line Rather Be A Man Just One Thing The Girls Ready, Aim, AIM Dog Anxiety Snot Rags Little Critters Color & Style Stretch Crappy Pants Fried Balls From A Laptop So Cute! photo credit: bbaltimore via photopin cc

5 Hilariously Outrageous Male Monologues

The Crop Duster – anyone ever fart point blank in your face?? Side Effects – do you want to live to 100? Upon My Return – what if there was a Burger King in England hundreds of years ago? Bird in My Ass – what would you do if a bird flew up into your ass?  ..No, really. Yo – anyone ever call you by your other name….yo? photo credit: Zach Welty via photopin cc

5 Female Dramatic Monologues

Still Have Time –  Luna gives advice to a young prostitute to “get out” of the game before it’s too late. Prison Cell Pointers – Cathy gives her new cellmate pointers on staying alive in prison. Misdiagnosed –  Mira talks about what she considers a true miracle. Walt Disney Baby Furniture –  Jade tells the story of how blessed she feels her her family is, despite the tragic events. Ticket on MTA – Hilary rages to her girlfriend at school about how she received a ticket for Read More +

“I Am Nothing” (drama) 1-2Minutes

Charles:  Don’t try to convince me, don’t try to make me feel better about it…I am no one. I always knew this but somehow I believed, I believed that I had a chance to be someone, something greater than what I’ve always been, which is nothing. Well, it looks like I was right all along, I am no one, I am nothing… I wish for once in my life I can know what it feels like to be important and I know what you’re about Read More +

So, what’s the new ebook all about?

Some of you have asked me what my upcoming ebook is all about.  I am writing this post with the intention of answering that question. “An Anxiety Bound Chest of Rapid Breathing and Thumping Brain Tissue” is quite a mouthful but would not be the title of my book unless I was attempting to give you something worth chewing on.  The title is a metaphor for the trials and tribulations some of us seem to go through in this journey of ours, this thing we call life, Read More +