Vintage Monologues – series 2 of 10

Monologues coming out of the Archives of time – every Sunday. A Regular Kid Gym Class Fight Just For Laughs Ambush the Enemy Dog Anxiety Two Bags of Coke Why’d You Run? Officer Down Superman Gave Me Sore Nuts Hippo and the Dude Series 1 photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc

Great Audition Quote from Al Pacino

Auditioning can be hard for Actors. Constant rejection and constant hustle is a very trying experience even for the thick skinned. I found this quote from Al Pacino and wanted to share it with you because I think he provides an interesting perspective for a positive mindset when entering the room to work.  I think his quote speaks for itself.  =) Color Photo of Al Pacino Taken: Eamonn McCabe / Camera Press / Retna

Denzel Washington on Goals, Discipline and Consistency

This was a special moment at the 2014 August Wilson Monologue Competition. The event was held at the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway in NYC. The room was full– these high school finalists had just given their ALL on this Broadway stage … And surprise Kenny Leon (Director) brought out Mr. Denzel Washington to shake these young artists’ hands… God had other plans… Thanks to Larry Powell for uploading to his Youtube Channel

The Stanley Kubrick Film List

It’s always outright AWESOME to be able to learn about a great filmmakers film list. Of course, there can never be one specific list for an entire lifetime. There may be some films that stay in the Top 10 indefinitely, some that pop in and out of the Top 10 Race and others that are fresh because new films have been made that are simply terrific. If Mr. Kubrick were still alive today, perhaps this film list would be different but it is nice to Read More +

“Musk Mitts’ (comedy) 1-2 Minutes

TIM:  I finally went to the Doctor about it.  You know, I recognized that something needed to be done.  I mean, I was scratching my balls and sniffing my fingers so much that people at work were starting to give me dirty looks.  That’s why I’m wearing my Musk Mitts. They’ve given me my life back. I guess the breaking point was when I started wiping my finger musk on people.  I did that for months on end in secret but on one particular day, little Ronnie, the mail delivery boy, came into Read More +